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“Our objective and mission is the long-term Capital Preservation of Private Clients.”


Dangel Asset Management (DAM) is a sole proprietorship according to Swiss law. DAM is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

The firm is managed by Mark Dangel and is a network of cooperations. Avowed professionals with a remarkable experience in asset management aswell as in private banking are well prepared to implement custom-built investment strategies.

DAM is a member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (VSV) and thus is subject to self-regulation (SRO) of the industry.




Dangel Asset Management (DAM) offers its customers highly qualified and global customer liaison and support. The goal of our investment policy is to preserve and increase capital over the long run. This policy is based on an investment profile that respects each customer’s needs, as discussed in talks between the asset manager and the client. Portfolios typically contain investments in funds as well as direct investments in securities. Three topics dominate:


Easily marketable securities of under-valued companies with a positive record and good prospects are our main investment target. We pursue this value-driven strategy mainly by selecting Swiss stocks with a strong management.



To take advantage of the expectations of stronger growth in emerging markets, DAM focuses on private equity, as well as small- and midcaps in India and Sri Lanka.

To ensure the know-how and quality of service in these trey areas, DAM has cooperation agreements with known specialists in the respective realm.


DAM uses derivative instruments with the consent of the client for a limited portion of assets, in order, for example, to hedge against risks related to currency or interest rate movements. 


Dangel Asset Management offers a wide range of financial planning and portfolio administration services.

Dangel Asset Management provides its clients with personalized and comprehensive services, inspired by the discretion, rigour and trust that are the hallmark of Swiss private banking.

With significant experience in asset structuring and portfolio administration, we can coordinate high valued transactions, execute fiduciary business and advise on company formation and estate planning.

Dangel Asset Management does not receive either commission or retrocessions from the banks which we deal with on behalf of our clients. We prefer to work with institutions willing to grant our clients favourable terms and conditions. 

Remuneration for our services takes the form of a management or performance-related fee. Clients are charged for special services according to the nature and complexity of the transaction involved.

Our Services



DAM has accumulated knowledge and methods to survive Secular Bear Markets:

  •  Stocks (Small / Mid Cap CH), (Emerging Markets) Bonds, Cash, Currencies

  •  Alternative Investments:

    •   Hedge- & Sector Funds

    •   Precious Metals / Commodities

    •   Private Equity

    •   Real Estate

  •  Discretionary / Advisory mandates


DAM offers Family-office type services:

  •  Consolidated statements of different bank accounts allowing for:

    •   Performance measurement for any given investment period

    •   Selection and monitoring of money managers

  •  Fiduciary shareholder representations / Investor Relations / Corporate Governance

  •  Creation of Investment vehicles, Transaction/Administration Support 

  •  Private Equity Administration

  •  Cooperation with external tax and estate planners

DAM is engaged in various sustainability projects:

  • Main subject is waste to energy

  • Those projects are executed in different countries

  • All of them with the goal of:

    • solving local problems

    • getting a good return

  •  Throughout its network DAM:

    •  Connects different interested parties

    •  Has a steady deal flow

    •  Takes on seed money positions, coinvestments

  •  Profound experience in:

    •  Bank Take-overs and Restructuring, Real Estate Transactions

    •  Equity Swaps, Exit Strategies

This task is mainly carried out by DAM's partner company FAMOS

Activities Overview

FIDLEG Client Information

Receipt of FINMA Approval July 2022

We are pleased to announce that Dangel Asset Management has received the FINMA license "Authorization for Institutions according to FINIG (Supervision AO)". After cooperation with AOOS and FINMA this milestone was reached in July 2022. We are very happy to have fulfilled this legal requirement already half a year before the official entry comes into effect and we are happy to have secured the further development of our business.


To date, only one in 10 asset managers in Switzerland has obtained a license, with around 400 institutions, according to current knowledge, foregoing this and the associated licensing process and ceasing their business activities. Liquidate or sell - these seem to be the only alternatives to applying for a license. 


Dangel Asset Management is facing the future with confidence. We are convinced to be prepared for upcoming challenges and are excited to see what opportunities the coming years have in store for us. 


If you are interested in exchanging ideas on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Ombudsman's Office

OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland,
16 Boulevard des Tranchées
1206 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 808 04 51

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