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Mark Dangel created Dangel Asset Management in 2005 after having focused on private client activities at a small private bank in Zurich and then at Dangel Lang & Partner in 2002.

Back in 1998 through the acquisition of Yamaichi Bank (Switzerland) he co-founded A&A Actienbank, a Swiss merchant bank. In different senior management positions he restructured the bank, specialized in private client business and funding responsibilities of asset management and real estate investment companies.

Before that he worked in different positions, among them as CFO in his family’s construction business and in the hedge fund industry as partner of the independent asset manager Dr. G. Landert in 1992. He started his career as salesman at JP Morgan in Zurich and New York and later as portfolio manager at the commodity company Marc Rich. Mark Dangel graduated from University of St. Gall in 1985, majoring in Finance and Accounting.

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